Vicious Mistress Records is a small DIY punk label based out of Connecticut.

Our goal is to help bands get heard and get recognized! We are here to give bands a voice. Many bands are ignored because people want to promote the next main stream bullshit. We want to keep it real, keep it punk and keep the scene alive!          
Recent Releases


Apr 11, 2017
Finally, Punk In The Streets Vol. 3 are on their way! Get yours while you still can! Also, we are working on our next release which should be done shortly. Get ready for Psycho In The Street Vol. 2!

Mar 3, 2017
We have decided to make physical copies of Punk In The Streets Vol. 3! Pre-sales start today so get yours now! We are so stoked to be able to release these, click the shop button above and keep the scene alive!

Mar 1, 2017

Skunx! When Ska and Punk Collide Vol. 1 AVAILABLE NOW FOR DOW NLOAD! Put on your dancing shoes for this one!

Feb 28, 2017
Just announced! The first Vicious Mistress Records presents show with Violent Affair!
Saturday, March 18th 2017 @ Snapper Magees, Kingston NY
Violent Affair, Damn Broads and 1 more TBA
10:00 pm, $5, 21+

Feb 24, 2017
We are just 5 days away from releasing our next compilation! We had great success with Punk in the Streets Vol. 3 but this next one is gonna be a little different. We are going to be compiling 15 of the best ska influenced punk rock tracks from around that globe that your ears will ever hear! Get ready for Skunx! When Ska and Punk Collide Vol. 1! Available for download on March 1st!